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Can and Should

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Your change effort is important. That's why you can and shouldn't lead it.

Your team gets it. They know how to communicate change, and are often willing to get hands dirty, the same way a hired Organizational Change Management (OCM) professional would. Being visibly useful can tempt anyone to take on the multiple layers which a communications effort requires.

There's something these motivated people don't know:

70% of change initiatives fail.

For this reason, stakeholders should ask themselves, "Because our people can do it, does it mean we should?"

The road to a failed change initiative starts with thoughts like:

- I am a great communicator; and this means I am the right person to champion a change effort.

- Hiring costs money and time. I can find time to do it myself. I'll take this on.

Part of a leader's maturity is placing boundaries on tasks and expectations of their team, and on themselves. Using correct judgement about when to professionally commit internal or external resources means everything for your organization. Workload boundaries give you room to think and remove obstacles for your team. A vetted Change Management professional is skilled, experienced and educated in communicating, managing stakeholders and quarterbacking your change effort. Our OCM professionals come to your organization without day-to-day operational obligations that your team has. This means they come to you with the bandwidth and focus your change effort needs.

Five Forces Consulting provides OCM professionals with focus on:

· Stakeholders

· Change outcomes

· Addressing WIIFM at every level

· Assessing change impacts

· Mitigating change resistance

· Selling positive impacts

Like your company's leadership, our OCM professionals are executive minded. They focus on messaging for all of your stakeholders -- from end-users, to mailroom clerks, to executive sponsors of a project. Anyone has the ability to paint their own house and fumigate their own basement -- most choose not to do both at the same time, because in the end neither gets done. The same logic applies to bringing Five Forces Consulting to the table. The bandwidth saved from letting an OCM professional facilitate change lets you be there to lead, respond to curve balls, and have a night off without the cell phone vibrating.

​We can help.

Align with Five Forces Consulting, Inc. today.


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