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What is the difference between consultant and a contractor? 

The two roles are often regarded as the same thing.  From a purist perspective, a consultant is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) or generalist paid to provide professional advice. A contractor is also a SME or generalist who does the required work.  Five Forces Consulting expects our consultants to do both. 


As a consultant, am I an employee of Five Forces Consulting?

The answer to this depends on the type of engagement you secure with us.  You will work off site from the Five Forces Consulting office, and directly with the client.  Your paychecks will come from Five Forces Consulting, Inc.  


I am graduating from a top business school soon.  Will you hire me?

An engagement through Five Forces consulting depends on the applicant's experience level, the opportunities we have available and the needs of our clients.  Academic credentials are a plus.  Deference is placed towards verifiable experience and proven ability to deliver. 


Could a consulting engagement through Five Forces lead to a full-time position?

Clients often offer highly performing consultants full-time employee roles after they fulfill their consulting contract. 


I searched Five Forces Consulting on the internet and found results for companies in the UK and Brazil – are you one in the same?

We are not affiliated with those companies. 


In consulting, what is a principal?

A principal consultant is a senior leader within the consulting firm.  This role oversees lead consultants and delegates projects and tasks.  Most consultants brought on through Five Forces will interact more with our client than our principals.   


Why are you asking me to upload my resume when I don’t see any jobs posted?

We keep most potential consulting engagements off the public site.  We encourage you to upload your resume, so we may contact you when we see a win-win opportunity for you and our clients.   


I live outside of the United States.  Can Five Forces Consulting, Inc. assist me with an H1B1 visa?

At this time this is outside of the scope of our expertise.  


Will I need to form a corporation in order to work as a consultant

This depends whether you get offered an engagement on a W2 or what’s commonly referred to as a Corp-to-Corp relationship.  There are advantages to each model of taxation.  Consulting a tax professional will help you understand which model is the most favorable for you.


Why the name “Five Forces”?

The namesake comes from Michael Porter’s Five Forces of Competition model.  If you are not familiar with it, watch this 2-minute HBR video


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